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this is regarding carrot10 issue. 

Carrot-10…….Extended "Search with Carrot2" section

Created: 26/Jan/07 03:52 PM   Updated: 15/Jul/07 04:24 PM

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In this issue,I assume we have to create a web page "site search" just like in clusty.
In the web page "site search" in clusty we have 
"You can use the following HTML and images freely to create links to Clusty on your webpage, or even to use Clusty to search your webpage (assuming it has been crawled by one of our sources)"

I jus want to know about the "one of our sources" for carrot2. As it says from the following question from FAQ .. 
No. Carrot2 can add clustering of search results to an existing search engine. You can use an Open Source project called Nutch to crawl your website. Nutch has a Carrot2-based search clustering plugin, so you'll get all crawling, searching and clustering in one piece. If you need help with any of these, please contact us.
Is it like only nutch can crawl our own website, (if we create one)? Because for clusty they have one more section called "add your site" where they have add ur site to this particular one and submit your site,add ur url etc.. wat options can i give there?Is there anything particular for carrot2. It will be really helpful if u answer this question as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Seema Sikindar